An integral part of our urban landscape.


A trend forever reinventing itself


Special advertising formats for maximal impact

Analogue poster advertising throughout Switzerland

Analogue outdoor advertising accounts for 70% of sales in the Swiss OOH market. Thanks to a variety of formats, the poster can convey a wide range of messages in a creative and eye-catching way. The poster is omnipresent, emotional, memorable and enjoys a high likeability and recall value among the general population. 

Analogue and digital outdoor advertising multiplies the advertising impact of a brand among urban and mobile target groups in public spaces. Take advantage of our numerous advertising spaces in the cities and conurbations of Geneva, Zurich, Lucerne, Berne, Basel, Locarno and Nyon or the area-wide locations around Coop and Manor shops. 

Our portfolio also includes specifically placed advertising spaces in car parks, shopping centres and on the street, as well as in selected spots on private land.