We at Goldbach Neo boost brands through effective outdoor advertising.

Goldbach Neo showcases the sheer diversity of the world of outdoor advertising. Out-of-home is a high-performance, versatile medium and a suitable choice for many target audiences. Traditional posters and advertising screens exert their impact in locations with high contact numbers and where advertising is the centre of attention: on busy roads, at the heart of urban areas, at petrol stations, in airports, in shopping centres or when targeting pedestrians and travellers on public transport. We’re at home across Switzerland and offer an array of communication channels.

The local population comes across posters and digital advertising spaces on a daily basis at work and during their leisure time – no matter where they are and where they’re going. Out-of-home advertising is naturally embedded in its surroundings; its captivating impact comes courtesy of its subtle presence.  Messages are presented multiple times through targeted placement, anchoring them in the viewer’s memory, making an impact when it counts. There are no limits on how you can appeal to your target groups.

Our inventory can be used in all kinds of ways to market your products and services. From one hour to one month: we plan every campaign individually and tailor it to our customers’ wishes. An effective way to boost the reach of marketing strategies. Out-of-home offers limitless scope for creativity – outdoor advertising encourages you to think big and provide space for innovative designs. Attention is guaranteed at large-format poster locations! 

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Out-of-home advertising: why it is irreplaceable

These facts show how important out-of-home advertising is for all Swiss cities.

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Poster Safari x Zurich Design Week

Calling for unique works on the topic of GOOD NEWS!

Tom Gibbings becomes CEO of Goldbach Neo

Tom Gibbings becomes CEO of Goldbach Neo in summer.


Take part now and secure the chance to win a "Swiss Out of Home Award".

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Christoph Marty becomes CEO of Goldbach

Christoph Marty will take over operational responsibility for the Goldbach Group in summer.


From 19 February 2024, the exhibition of the graphics class on the themes of «Power» and «Responsibility» will be on display at the Piazza in Lucerne.