Production of OOH advertising

The production process depends on the type of poster you have planned. Megaposters, analogue posters and digital advertising all have different requirements.


Specifications, deadlines and supply quantity

Analogue posters
All posters supplied are subjected to our rigorous quality testing process and require preparatory work before going on display. To allow us to apply the appropriate level of care to this process the posters must be supplied to us at least 14 days prior to the display period. In order to guarantee the number of posters booked and a perfect display we require a quantity surcharge.

Delivery address: Goldbach Neo OOH AG, Filiale Geroldswil, Chrummacherstrasse 2, 8954 Geroldswil

Digital campaigns
Data for transmission must be delivered to Goldbach Neo OOH AG ten working days prior to transmission (for clearance of video subject matter by the City) or one working day beforehand (clearance not required). If the content cannot be transmitted, delivery may be delayed.

Supply data to:


To guarantee a top-quality result for classic posters, we recommend using only printing services which offer the necessary expertise and experience with poster printing.

We will also be happy to take on the production of the posters you book.