A new method of planning and booking DOOH campaigns – flexible and dynamic.

Digital out of Home (DOOH) Programmatic Advertising

We offer the option to programmatically book, plan, optimise and complete your DOOH campaign in real time.

Your benefits

Programmatic DOOH offers you a way to boost reach, relevant touchpoints to establish your message, maximal flexibility and dynamic advertising.

  • Audience based
  • Accurate advertising of campaigns
  • Flexible planning
  • Measurabiltiy and performance record
  • Pricing according to performance
  • Automated access to the inventory
  • Competent advice

Channels for your PDOOH campaign



Outside highly frequented service stations with more than 2.8 million contacts per week.



Highly frequented pedestrian zones, roads and crossroads with more than 7.1 million contacts per week.



Inside highly frequented malls with more than 3.1 million contacts per week.



Check-in and baggage area Basel Aiport with more than 300'000 contacts per week. Programmatic advertising at Geneva Airport and from 2023 we also offer the SWISS Lounges at Zurich Airport.

Deals, DSPS and details

To play out your campaign on our channels, you can choose between three deal types and a variety of connected DSPs at your disposal.

Deal types: Guaranteed Fixed Rate, Unreserved Fixed Rate, Private Auction, Open Market
Connected DSP: Active Agent, AdForm, Adomni, Splicky, Displayce, Scoota, TABMO, theTradeDesk, Verizon

Find out everything you need to know in our Programmatic DOOH Guide. You can place your briefing and questions here.