Shops are places where spontaneous decisions are made. Boost your sales directly at the point of sale.

Digital advertising in shopping centres

Advertise where purchase decisions are made. High level of attention and sales boosts are guaranteed.


The target groups: Digital advertising in shopping centres brings your campaign effectively to the target group and gives the final impulse to buy.

  • Keen shoppers of all ages
  • Families
  • Heads of households

Your opportunities: Use the proximity to the point of sale for more sales.

  • Dynamic delivery management and adaptation of subject
  • Animated and static content
  • Opportunities for innovative advertising
  • Programmatic booking available
  • Audience- or loopbased playout
  • Geofencing and target group packages

Our guarantee: For best effect and effectiveness

  • High quality screens
  • High reach
  • Strong presence in heavily frequented zones
  • Information on mobility data on request

The perfect combination

Where people are in a mood for shopping, they have a high affinity for your message. Not only in shopping centres but also at filling station shops and on their way to the shops.