Point of Sale

Advertise where purchase decisions are made.

Digital and analogue advertising at the Point of Sale (POS)

Shops are places for wishes and desires, of spontaneous decisions and have a high attraction. People with an intention of purchasing, pay attention to advertising – and the closer the purchase decision comes, the more attention the advertising gets.


Digital Shopping Media

Advertise where people are in the mood for shopping. High impact for sales campaigns is guaranteed on screens in shopping centres throughout Switzerland.

Coop Retail

Reach nearly 4 million customers while shopping every week with our 1,400 analog billboards across Switzerland. Our advertising spaces can be found in and around shopping centres and Coop stores to offer high visibility and multiply touchpoints for your advertising campaign.


Coop Pronto

Impossible to miss! Reach an audience who is to purchase impulsively while taking a break, going shopping or filling up the car thanks to our screens, strategically placed above checkouts.