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More and more media is being used by ever smaller target groups. In spite of this trend, posters remain the only advertising medium that reaches broad sections of the population. Your posters advertise your offers where your target group:

  • finds and buys your products and services.
  • is engaged in the activities relevant to your offer.
  • might previously have bought a rival product.

We use the most modern tools to help you select the right billboard sites for your campaign and to secure multiple contacts with your target group.

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At you can see all our poster sites at a glance and can also book smaller campaigns directly.

Posters are attractive due to their excellent price-performance ratio.

In an intermedia comparison, the poster scores highest in terms of ROI (return on investment), as a basic medium or in mixed campaigns. An F12 poster for one week costs between 350 and 980 Swiss francs, depending on the quality of the site; it will reach your customers as they go about their business from early in the morning till late in the evening.

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