Tips for poster design

Posters are a fantastic medium to bring brands to life. They can illuminate, entertain, enchant, challenge and prompt a reaction.


Creativity and inspiration

With technical solutions and special effects available your outdoor campaign is given even greater power and energy. 3D displays, mobile applications and interactive touchscreens are just a few of your options. We have a passion for innovative solutions.

Test efficacy before posting

Your advertising poster must be unique and inspiring. The positioning of your product or service and the message determine the impact and success of your campaign. Our Visualiser tool shows your poster on a poster site with surroundings as a photomontage. This gives you an impression of the visual effect.

You can use a scientific analysis for an in-depth examination of the advertisment. We offer dialogue structure measurement at preferential conditions.

The art of poster design

Generally, 50% of the efficacy of a poster campaign is down to the creative work. There is no other medium where creativity has a bigger influence than in out-of-home advertising. The concept of "less is more" is vital to the success of a poster. Reduction requires order and prioritisation of ideas, as well as a strong creative central theme.

  • Message and headline: must get across in 1–2 seconds, be catchy and easy to grasp
  • Few words: maximum of seven
  • Font size should make text readable from up to 20m distance
  • High contrast dark on light and complementary colours are easiest to take in
  • Logo must be clear and recognizable
  • The use of luminous, fluorescent and gold, silver or other metallic inks is prohibited in Switzerland by Federal Law.
  • Animations on digital screens are not allowed in all locations. Please ask what options are available before booking.