Publics Genevois

Transport your brand across the canton

Outdoor advertising on TPG vehicles

Achieve high visibility with outdoor advertising on vehicles of TPG, the third largest public transport provider in Switzerland.


The target groups: Target travellers in Geneva and its region with your advertising message

  • Public transport
  • Commuters
  • Young people in education and students

Your opportunities: Strong presence and high footfall in the city.

  • Various advertising formats on tram and bus
  • Analogue advertising on the interior and exterior of all vehicles
  • Spectacular full branding
  • Reach 160 million passengers on 65 lines every year

Our guarantee: Best effect in the public transport network of the city of Geneva

  • High quality advertising spaces
  • High coverage
  • Information on mobility data on request
  • Outstanding visibility

The perfect combination

Do you want to bring your advertising message specifically on public transport networks in major cities? Complete this offer with advertising spaces on the Bernmobil or VBZ.