Reaching mobile target groups on their daily journeys.

Digital advertising on streets throughout Switzerland

Advertising where mobile, young target groups are on the go. High level of attention and sympathy guaranteed.


The target groups: Digital advertising at highly frequented locations in cities effectively brings your campaign to the target group.

  • Students
  • Commuters
  • Young, urban citizens of Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Winterthur, Lausanne
  • Mobile leisure-oriented target groups and shoppers

Your opportunities: Take advantage of the high level of attention from a target group that is not easy to reach.

  • Dynamic delivery management and adaptation of subject
  • Animated and static content
  • Opportunities for innovative advertising
  • Programmatic booking available
  • Audience- or loopbased playout
  • Geofencing and target group packages

Our guarantee: For best effect and effectiveness

  • High quality screens
  • Perfectly integrated into the environment
  • High reach
  • Proof of performance with the independent WEMF audit
  • Information on mobility data on request

The perfect combination

Promenaders, young people, commuters or people waiting, already with their smartphones handy can also be reached with posters at Bernmobil stops and in the centres of large cities.