OOH Advertising solutions in the city of basel

Use diverse advertising opportunities in the cultural capital of Switzerland to successfully address your target group. Benefit from our analogue and digital offer in Basel.


The target groups: With a border to France and Germany and the EuroAirport, an interesting and international population can be reached in Basel.

  • Cross-border commuters from neighbouring countries
  • Business people in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry
  • Young professionals and students
  • Visitors and tourists of the many events in Basel


Your opportunities: Reach a mobile target group in Basel, on the streets, while travelling or while shopping.  

  • Digital and analogue advertising spaces in prime locations
  • Advertising solutions in Basel city centre
  • Your message in the most frequented zones at the EuroAirport
  • Target the inside and outside of vehicles of the BVB & BLT public transport network.
  • Advertise at the Point of Sale, in carparks or shopping centres.

Our guarantee: Best impact throughout the city of Basel

  • High quality Screens and poster sites
  • Prime locations
  • Perfectly integrated in the surroundings
  • Proof of performance with independent WEMF Audit
  • Information on mobility data on request

The perfect combination

Are you looking to extend your campaign in the city of Basel? Complete this offer with poster sites throughout Canton Basel or the Digital Convenience Network.