Digital and analogue advertising solutions in the city of geneva

With a large selection of analogue and digital spaces, we offer optimal coverage of entire city of Geneva.


The target groups: Reach an international target group in Geneva, whether residents, tourists or business people.

  • Mobile people and commuters
  • Tourists and visitors to the city of Geneva
  • Shopping enthusiasts of all ages
  • Employees of international organisations and diplomats
  • Young professionals and students


Your possibilities: a wide range of ways to spread your advertising message visibly and effectively in Geneva.

  • Classic posters in F4, F12, F200, F200L formats in strategically selected locations on busy roads and in car parks.
  • Advertising screens in high-traffic locations such as the CEVA tunnel, Rue du Rhône, Mont Blanc passage.
  • Digital advertising at the point of sale and in shopping centres, 
  • advertising screens at points of interest. In fitness centres and at Palexpo
  • Analogue and digital advertising opportunities to reach travellers at Geneva Airport.
  • Reach Geneva city centre and the entire canton with advertising on Transports Publics Genevois (TPG).

Our guarantee: For best effect and effectiveness in the city of Geneva

  • High quality screens and high quality poster sites
  • Perfectly integrated into the environment
  • Automated lighting control for optimum effect
  • Proof of performance with the independent WEMF audit
  • Information on mobility data on request

The perfect combination

Looking for an addition to your campaign in the city of Geneva? Complement this offer with advertising space in shopping centres and the Digital Convenience Network.