Top advertising spaces in the city of locarno

Advertise in Ticino. Reach your target group in the city of Locarno with our advertising solutions.


The target groups: With Locarno being a popular tourist destination you can reach: 

  • Commuters 
  • Tourists from Switzerland and abroad
  • Families and couples on holiday
  • People visiting the Locarno Film Festival and other cultural attractions
  • Outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers


Your opportunities: Place your advertising message along main traffic routes and at highly frequented locations.

  • Show presence in public spaces with advertising screens on the Piazza Grande
  • Reach car drivers with DOOH screens along the main traffic routes between Lugano and Chiasso
  • Classic posters in the formats F200, F12 and F24
  • Reach high-spending target groups in shopping centres and car parks 

Our guarantee: Best impact throughout the city of Locarno

  • High quality Screens and poster sites
  • Prime locations
  • Perfectly integrated in the surroundings
  • Proof of performance with independent WEMF Audit
  • Information on mobility data on request

The perfect combination

Are you looking to extend your campaign in the city of Locarno? Complete this offer with poster sites throughout Canton Ticino or the Digital Convenience Network.