Digital and analogue outdoor advertising in the city of Lucerne

The best way to attract high levels of attention from tourists and people on their way to and from work or leisure activities. Either in pedestrian zones, in the centre or around lake Lucerne.


The target groups: Posters in the centre of Lucerne effectively bring your campaign to the target group.

  • Motorists
  • Commuters
  • Young, urban Lucerne residents, visitors and tourists
  • Mobile leisure-oriented target groups and shoppers


Your opportunities: Benefit from the high level of attention from a target group that is otherwise difficult to reach.

  • Exclusive premium network around the lake
  • Innovative advertising options and tailor-made campaigns
  • Coverage in the entire city of Lucerne
  • Four different networks for different advertising targets
  • Combination with digital advertising spaces in the city centre and in Central Switzerland
  • Precise targeting of shopping enthusiasts in shopping centres

Our guarantee: Best impact throughout the city of Lucerne

  • Prime locations
  • High coverage
  • Information on mobility data on request
  • Outstanding visibility

The perfect combination

Do you want to bring your advertising message specifically to the big cities or are you focused on the entire Lucerne region? Complete this offer with digital campaigns in the city centre and at Coop Pronto shops in the region.