Achieve a high reach with specifically placed advertising spaces in the greater Winterthur area

OOH advertising in the city of Winterthur

Show your presence in the sixth largest city in Switzerland. In addition to the F4 advertising sites, around 500 posters in the formats F12, F200, F24 and digital advertising solutions are on offer.


The target group: Accompany your target group through Winterthur, whether at the station or on the street.

  • Road users
  • Work commuters
  • Tourists and people visiting the 16 museums

Your possibilities: Flexible put together your offer to achieve your goals.

  • Book advertising space individually or in packages
  • Flexible on a weekly basis
  • Pick out desired locations

Our guarantee: For best effect and effectiveness in the city of Winterthur.

  • Prime locations
  • High coverage
  • Information on mobility data on request
  • Outstanding visibility

The perfect combination

Do you want to bring your advertising message specifically to the big cities or do you have the entire Zurich region in focus? Complete this offer with analogue or digital campaigns in the region.