Why outdoor advertising is worthwhile

Out-of-home offers you a wide range of opportunities to strengthen your brand and inspire people.

  • Poster advertising is omnipresent and accompanies your target group throughout the day - around the clock. On the way to school or work, while shopping or in their leisure time. On average, we travel 30 kilometres a day and spend around 80 minutes on the road.

  • Out-of-home as a medium offers endless creative and high-impact opportunities to effectively connect your brand with your target group. With dynamic appeal, it can also be optimised according to time, place and weather.

  • Outdoor advertising spaces, whether poster or digital, blend seamlessly into our surroundings, accompany us in our everyday lives and meet the target group in an unobtrusive way.

  • A medium with a strong tradition and a promising future that is constantly reinventing itself thanks to the latest technology. Digital Out-of-home opens up numerous possibilities that make the use of outdoor advertising even more exciting. For example, with programmatic or dynamic creative optimisation.

  • No other traditional medium is closer to the point of sale (POS) in terms of time and location. Depending on the product category, spontaneous purchases account for between 40% and 80% of all purchases made.
  • Out-of-home advertising is popular! Out-of-home is rated as the most appealing advertising medium by around 70% of the population.

  • The poster shows the highest return on investment in an intermedia comparison as a basic medium or in mixed campaigns.

  • With the help of geomarketing, OOH campaigns can be precisely targeted regionally - for example, if advertisers want to strengthen specific sales areas or support local retailers.

  • Out-of-home makes it possible to achieve high reach within a short space of time and establish contacts within all age groups of the population.

  • The energy consumption of Swiss Out-of-home advertising is modest and corresponds to around 1.5% of the energy balance of Swiss street lighting in 2021 and only 0.3% of the electricity consumption of Swiss data centres in 2019.

  • Out-of-home advertising contributes to a lively but also well-maintained city and townscape by financing and maintaining public infrastructure in cities and municipalities (e.g. city maps, tram stations and bus shelters), closely coordinated in terms of urban planning and spatial aspects as part of poster concepts.