Corporate Social Responsability

Social Responsability

Goldbach Neo maintains an open culture of communication based on mutual respect and a motivational working environment. Goldbach Neo staff should feel happy and at ease at work and receive encouragement throughout their professional development. Health and safety at work are a top priority.


Equal pay analysis – exceeding requirements

The Gender Equality Act requires us to carry out an internal equal pay analysis and have it audited by an independent body by 30th June 2021. We have recorded all the necessary information and PwC has checked that our equal pay analysis is complete and complies with the legal requirements. Equal pay is considered to be achieved with a result of +/- 5%. On average, women employed by us in 2021 earned 3.4% less than men with identical characteristics.

Claudia Montag, Head of People & Culture: ‘We consider this to be a good result – one that shows we are on the right path, even if we are not yet at our goal. That’s why we aim to achieve EQUAL-SALARY certification.’


The future of work – a personal mix

Results from employee surveys showed that there was a general need for more flexible and goal-orientated working hours. The necessary arrangements for manageable, mobile working and flexible working hours were introduced on 1st October 2020. We are exploring new ways to work in the future. These will allow us to promote a good work-life balance, creating a connection between employees and customer focus.


Clearly positive signals

Fairness, commitment and appreciation - these three topics are the focus of our efforts as an employer and manager. Various questions from the annual employee survey are incorporated into these topics and show us each year what action we need to take. We notice that the management training and workshops on fairness issues have a positive effect on the survey results.


Making a difference together

Employees have developed an unmistakable commitment, called "PULSE" because we want to keep our finger on the pulse of what is happening. What is happening in the market and with our customers, making the pulse beat faster for our company and keeping that pulse high and active. 


Obligation to be a leader

Together, the managers have developed four clear and practicable management principles, filled them with content and derived their personal goals from them. All managers attended topic-specific workshops that support them in their daily management work with best practice examples. All employees know how they can approach their leaders.

Protecting the environment

Goldbach Neo gives the economical use of natural resources, the environmental compatibility of its materials and processes, as well as energy efficiency a high priority. In product development, the focus is on sustainability with regard to ecological, economic and social criteria.


Bee sponsorship – our contribution to biodiversity

In 2020, we successfully set up the Digital Convenience Network in Coop Pronto shops and have continued to expand it. From the beginning, we were determined to do our bit to support sustainability. Together with the Coop Mountain Areas Sponsorship Programme, we chose a bee sponsorship and are now providing dedicated support for projects that work to preserve bees and biodiversity.


From accelerator pedal to bicycle pedals

Did you know...? Every year we take photo documentations of our customers’ campaigns, altogether around 3000 pictures a year. The photographers are cycle to the locations instead of going by car. The collaboration with Veloblitz is one of our contributions to the area of resource-friendly mobility.


I'm sure we have met before

This poster: Swiss, F12 format, one of thousands, lightweight, represent good, durable, cost-effective, high-maintenance

– 3.44 m2 advertising space
– approx. 7 kg paper per year
– 43 kg aluminium
– 1 cut shrubs

Providing economic security

At Goldbach Neo, ethical standards are not only words on paper, they are fully complied with and independently audited. Employees are regularly given training on various topics.


Challenge – keeping up with digitalisation

The progressive digitalisation of our business areas, such as the use of apps and remote working, and above all the significant increase in digital advertising space, present us with an increasing number of challenges with regard to IT processes and security. Our IT team focuses on data protection, performance guarantees, bookable campaigns, specifications from location partners and secure operations.


Independent audit

With SPR+, a hard currency is now available for digital out-of-home campaigns. Goldbach Neo goes one step further and is the first provider to have its digital campaigns certified by WEMF, an independent advertising media research company. This is our response to the fact that digital out-of-home advertising is constantly growing and that the advertising market needs valid information on this.

Tom Gibbings.jpg

No "ifs or buts"

Outdoor advertising naturally involves daily interaction with a wide range of partners – companies, government organisations, associations, consumers, authorities, land owners and administrative bodies. The way we conduct our business is based on a comprehensive set of compliance and transparency rules, which underpin ourreliability as a business partner.

Tom Gibbings, CFO and Compliance Manager
: "Our rules are strict and comprehensive. I am proud to say we take them seriously. Internal training creates understanding, protected disclosure creates trust and systematic control provides reassurance about everything we do."


Hello there...

With tracking, geo-targeting, facial recognition and analysis of emotions, a poster doesn't miss a thing today. Digital poster sites are predestined to be used for target-group-specific advertising. We take a close look. We carry out pilot tests and deal intensively with data protection issues. Not everything possible always fits with what our customers need or what contractual partners allow and we take the responsibility.