Our new campaign is live

We let brands take off - and it is us going first! The Goldbach Neo launch campaign is now live. The campaign was developed by our in-house graphic studio and our marketing team. A minimalist approach that shows colour: we shine in Passion Red! Our inventory in central and urban areas throughout Switzerland offers a communication platform for all brands - from start-ups to established companies. With targeted planning and clever use of budgets, we make outdoor advertising a valuable channel in your marketing mix. We offer effective and targeted communication solutions for analogue and digital advertising spaces. There is a lot to choose from: locations in large cities, urban centres and at various points of interest. This ensures the effective reach of all target groups.


David De Buck, Head of Graphic Studio on the new campaign:

"This campaign is the first highlight of close collaboration between the creative and marketing teams of the new Goldbach Neo company. The campaign demonstrates the many benefits outdoor advertising can offer advertisers in a simple and creative way. Our various imagery and teasers reflect the wide range of customer segments and types that we like to showcase."